Justice for Liam Magill

Mr Magill is planning for any surplus donations net of legal costs to be in turn donated to ‘Save the Children’ charity to represent compensation and support for a proportion of children who are born under paternity fraud. 

The target amount we are trying to raise is $30,000 AUD (15,000 pounds)

Liam Magill

Liam Magill’s fight for justice continues …

Paternity Fraud: Australian High Court decision in 2006 denied Liam Magill justice.

Help him fight for justice…


Liam Magill’s wife Meredith deceived him about the paternity of 2 children who were secretly fathered by a family friend Derek Rowe. DNA testing in 2000 confirmed Liam was not the father of Heath & Bonnie.

Subsequent DNA testing confirmed Mr Rowe as the father.

Mr Magill then took legal action against Meredith Magill and took his case all the way to the High Court. Liam lost everything including his health, family and all hope trying to get justice and lost his case Magill v Magill [2006] HCA 51.

Now Liam is wanting to reopen his case using successful new UK case law and new evidence but he needs your help.

You can make a difference. Help Liam and help other victims in the Commonwealth jurisdiction by helping to set a legal precedent.

Please donate to this Australian Landmark Paternity Fraud Case.

Ellen Windsor (Solicitor admitted in England and Wales / Hong Kong)

Solicitor in UK Landmark Paternity Fraud cases :

P v B ( Paternity : Damages for Deceit ) [2001 1 FLR 1041 Read More >

A v B ( Tort – Deceit – Paternity – Misrepresentation) [2007] 2 FLR 1051 Read More >

X v Y [2015] ( Damages for Deceit ) Central London County Court 3MY50311 Read More >


Another UK Paternity Fraud Case:

UK paternity fraud case Rodwell v. Rodwell

Rodwell v Rodwell  Read more >

Cambridge County Court claim no. OKL10176. Judgement delivered on 6 October 2011


I am Mr X.

In March 2015 my former wife, Mrs Y was found guilty of paternal fraud in the tort of deceit.

She was ordered to pay costs and damages after a trial in  the Central London County Court at the Royal Courts of Justice under claim no. 3MY50311. 

Judgement delivered on 20 March 2015 by HHJ Taylor was widely reported by the BBC, social media and the press.

Fortunately I had considerable funds for two legal battles over four years including my doomed application in the English court for contact with my ‘son’.

The legal cases were horrendous, enormously expensive, hugely disruptive and  stressful. But winning the case helped me to recover from the trauma.

Liam Magill hasn’t been as  lucky. He didn’t have a war chest to fight a legal war and has none today.

On Appeal the Judges of the Highest court made a bizarre decision. Through a layman’s eyes, Liam was plainly deceived. He needs all your help.

I feel deeply not only for Liam but also for the children born under such deceit: who knows how many there are and what the cost is in the suffering of children of deceit.?

This is a despicable and vile practice &  must be addressed legally. I encourage you all to support his valiant efforts for Truth and Justice.

Liam truly deserves a remedy in law.

UK Court

Cheryl King Enduring Power of Attorney for Liam Magill


Donate now to help Liam's fight for justice.

You can make a difference. Help Liam and help other victims in the Commonwealth jurisdiction by helping to set a legal precedent.

The target amount we need to raise is $30,000 AUD (15,000 pounds)

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With special guest:

Cheryl King

Cheryl King is a strong believer in social justice and a loyal friend who does not shy away from a fight with the biggest institutions in the country.

Cheryl met Liam Magill in 1999 when Liam had to contend not only with the trauma many men face after marriage breakdown but also a twist that turned into a nightmare.

At first Liam ignored the strong indications that maybe he was not the biological father of his three children from the marriage but DNA testing confirmed his worst fears. Two of the three children were not his but resulted from an affair that his then wife Meredith had engaged in with a family friend. Worse, the children had been turned against him and the Child Support Agency was after his life savings.

Days of Tempest: The Liam Magill Story

Days of Tempest: The Liam Magill Story

By Lea Anna Cooper

Paternity Fraud – The crime only a woman can commit. The true saga of who, what, when, where and why the fight for Paternity Fraud Victims and Men’s Rights began. One man, Liam Neale Magill, waged his eight-year war against all odds, within the Courtrooms of Australia.

A Parent’s Love  is the greatest love of all and this dad suffered the greatest betrayal of all.

Liam Magill’s High Court decision HCA 51 [2006] case makes it OK to betray your kids and deny them their human rights

Families, Fatherhood groups & honest women were shocked by the High Court ruling in 2006.

The greatest love of all is a parent’s love for their child. So discovering that your child you love is somebody else’s is the greatest betrayal of all.

It is a triple betrayal: Firstly to discover that this greatest love of all is based on a lie. Secondly it is a betrayal of marriage. Connected to this it is a huge financial fraud, since children are expensive.

But most importantly, the third betrayal is that these children are denied their human right to know their natural father.

High Court rules “It’s OK to betray”

In 2006 the Australian High Court said it is OK to lie and to betray your kids and your partner. Liam Magill lost his appeal to have his ex-wife’s betrayal/ deceit recognised. Liam Magill was a broken man. He ended upon on a disability pension as a result of hopelessness and post-traumatic stress symptoms of finding out that two of his children were the children of Derek Rowe.

Paternity betrayal/deceit is a ticking time bomb. What if these children need a transplant? What happens when today’s stem cell research becomes tomorrows routine genetic medicine? Babies of paternal betrayal/deceit will discover hat they have been lied to and their health has been put in danger.

DNA testing should be made compulsary at birth.

James Adams

Sydney Australia

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Any donations should only be made if the donor is funding the Magill case irrespective of its chances of success and outcome. This is an action which represents a legal challenge against the Highest Court of Australia and there may be little scope of recovering any money donated for the cause.

By seeking donations from well wishers and supporters for our campaign for justice this website does not give any express or implied warranty of any chances of success or merits as litigation is always unpredictable and we are in the hands of the legal system.

Mr Magill is planning for any surplus donations net of legal costs to be in turn donated to ‘Save the Children’ charity to represent compensation and support for a proportion of children who are born under paternity fraud.